Rafael Nadal is dealing with hand pain but will be ready for 2020 - Coach

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Rafael Nadal is dealing with hand pain but will be ready for 2020 - Coach

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, Rafael Nadal's coach Francis Roig spoke about the Spanish player's success in Davis Cup and also about Nadal's off-season plans. Roig said: "It was something such a big achievement.

He played so many matches and everything went well luckily as his body held up. He is dealing with some left-hand pain, now he will take some time off as his injury sometimes forced him to hit the forehand in a different way during some matches.

Those days he is getting some treatment, next month he will play an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi, then on December 28 we will travel to Australia," said Roig, adding that Rafa has been taking painkillers, several times, since 2005.

Roig also spoke about the areas of focus for Nadal: "He always needs to improve, a bit on return games. The volleys too, and the forehand winner." Asked how much time does Nadal have left on the professional tour, Roig replied: "It's impossible to know but I think two, three more years.

Now he is training less but on the court but his intensity is as high as ever." Asked if we will see a new Grand Slam winner in 2020, Roig concluded: "It's still difficult. Who improved the most tennis-wise this year was Stefanos Tsitsipas, so the Greek can do something big.

Daniil Medvedev played very well but he may have a tougher year in 2020 because everyone thinks he can deliver an unbelievable level. I do not think on clay or grass."