Bautista Agut: 'I will not forget what Rafael Nadal said about me'

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Bautista Agut: 'I will not forget what Rafael Nadal said about me'

Roberto Bautista Agut went through many emotions last week as his father died and then he played on Sunday in the Davis Cup final against Canada. The Spaniard said: "It has been an unforgettable weekend. My father had a very serious accident three-and-a-half years ago and every day I and my mother were sad because we knew he could have died.

I was lucky to have Ana very close to me, she helped me a lot. Everything was very difficult." Recalling when he came back on the team, he added: "When I got the call, I was an hour away from Madrid. I had already decided.

We were eating something and the doctor called Pepe, they told him that they needed me for Sunday. After all the love they gave me, I wanted to surprise them on Saturday afternoon. I did not want to play tennis because I was not in a good mood.

I slept from 2:30 to 9:00 PM, I knew inside myself that I would have played the final, without asking the captain. Bruguera asked me how I am doing and if I wanted to go to court. I trained and I fought for all my life to have the chance to play the Davis Cup Finals.

It was very exciting, I never felt something like this in my life. The Madrid crowd has always been an example." On Rafael Nadal's support, Bautista Agut concluded: "He is a unique person. That's his character, what he gives to the team is very positive and how he lives the competition. I will not forget that he said I will be an example for life."