Younger Spanish guys can be inspired by Rafael Nadal, Ferrer - Ferrero

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Younger Spanish guys can be inspired by Rafael Nadal, Ferrer - Ferrero

In an interview with El Mundo, former world No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero spoke about the expectations around 15-year-old Carlos Alcaraz. They started working together some time ago. Ferrero said: "Although he is very young, his tennis level is very high.

He likes playing basically on every surface, he already played Challengers and next year we will have pretty important goals. He is a player who can be one of the very goods, but you have to deal with it because there are many expectations on him."

On how Spain can be at the top in the years to come replacing the older guys, Ferrero added: "The guys coming from behind have a difficult job to do. We had three number ones, many top ten guys, a player with 19 Grand Slams...

We are looking for heirs. They have to get inspired by the big players. They have to go their way because if we could breakthrough, they could do it too. I think they are pretty talented, but you have to make a reset and forget about the comparisons.

Looking at Rafael Nadal's, Ferru, my values can be good." Meanwhile, speaking about the Davis Cup, Kosmos' chief executive Javier Alonso said: "It was clear that the format would have worked. It starts a new era but you keep the spirit of the competition.

It's clear we have to improve, but we worked very hard. We are not worried looking to the next year, the chance to have a fourth crowd is real. The agreement with Madrid lasts two years. We are getting interests from several cities, including (in) Asia, the United States and South America."