Rafael Nadal was a real beast in Davis Cup, says Gerard Pique

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Rafael Nadal was a real beast in Davis Cup, says Gerard Pique

In an interview to AS Gerard Pique praised Rafael Nadal's effort in the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. Nadal won all the eight matches he has played in. Pique said: "A real beast! He gave a lesson why he is considered by many people the greatest Spanish sportsman ever."

Pique also spoke about the event overall: "We had different problems in terms of logistics that I think it's normal for a first year. It's true that also in terms of technology, the app and the website, people wanted to follow the results and sometimes it didn't work.

This is because there were so many users connecting at the same time and we didn't expect that and sometimes it didn't work. This is something that for sure we'll have to do better for next year. But the most important thing by far is, and that we have to keep that, is the soul of the Davis Cup.

And this is what I keep promise of. When I see the players celebrating when they qualify, laughing and enjoying. At the same time, when they lose, they are in tears. I mean, all of these, there is no event in the year, in tennis, that you can see that, even in the Grand Slams.

I mean, I don't see players crying when they lose. So this is how important it is for them to play Davis Cup and represent their country. And we have to keep that. This is the most important thing. And from this base, if we keep that, that for sure we will, we can -- I mean, we can organize an incredible and unique event in the future."