Rafael Nadal did not speak with Davis Cup players back in 2000 - Corretja

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Rafael Nadal did not speak with Davis Cup players back in 2000 - Corretja

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja spoke about Spanish team Davis Cup's success: "Rafa Nadal has an unbelievable commitment but what Roberto Bautista did was unbelievable. I did not think he would play and I am happy he was able to clinch the point for Spain.

As for Rafa, he did not win just on Sunday, he has been playing and winning for a moment like Sunday for 20 years." On how Nadal was back in 2000 when he carried the Davis Cup flag, Corretja said: "He did not speak with us but they were saying he would be very good.

One year after he surprised me." On Spanish tennis, Corretja concluded: "This generation is a golden one and it gave everything to the Spanish tennis for Rafa Nadal. Starting from now it will be complicated and you will have to be patient because making comparisons will not be good."

Meanwhile, Raul Zurutuza spoke about Roger Federer's visit to Mexico: "We would like to have him as soon as possible. We have to see how his schedule is in the next seasons. He will play the Olympic Games, for example.

But 2021 is a good moment, you need to be patient, see the times, the city, the format, the venue. It can be Acapulco but also Los Cabos, but we will analyze it being calm. It was pretty intense hours. In the Mexico Plaza, he was very emotional.

I was impressed by his professionalism and his way to say goodbye. When I saw him leaving and the crowd reaction, I understood how big this event was."