Only Rafael Nadal can backup successes, says Muguruza

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Only Rafael Nadal can backup successes, says Muguruza

In an interview with Eurosport, Garbine Muguruza spoke about the expectations around her. The Spaniard won 2016 French Open and 2017 Wimbledon, was world No. 1 and when she doesn't get big results, people start criticizing her.

Speaking to Fernando Murciego, the Geneva Resident native said: "It's normal, people want to be back living things like this, journalists want to write about someone who lifted the trophy, everyone wants to see you win but it's very difficult.

Just a few people achieve it and back it up... Only Rafa can (laughter). It's clear that I work for it and I will achieve it again." What does she take from this year? "A season with many changes, many injuries, many things.

Now I see myself being excited, for me every season is a journey. There will be good seasons, less good seasons, other ones consistent, but now I am just thinking about the following one. In this job, everything happens very quickly."

Is she self-critical with herself? "I am always self-critical with myself, if I want to be at the top I have to be strict, I cannot lie. I have to analyze any step I make and try to find a way to do better. I always try to look for the big goals, but I have to go less by less, set close goals and from this perspective, my mentality changed a bit."