Rafael Nadal is a real champion, says ITF President

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Rafael Nadal is a real champion, says ITF President

In an interview to Septimo Game the ITF President David Haggerty spoke about Rafael Nadal's potential. Haggerty said: "He is a real champion, you can see that on court." In a press conference on Sunday in Madrid Haggerty had said: "The Davis Cup Finals World Cup format combines the best elements of the 119-year competition, and yet we've adapted to the demands of the modern game.

But what has not changed, Davis Cup remains unique, the one and only official annual international team competition in which players represent their country and express great pride in carrying their flag and playing for their nation.

Davis Cup puts the team and country above the individual. Legends of the game cite the moments playing Davis Cup as some of their most memorable of their career. You've seen and heard players express pride and emotion here this week.

Take the young Canadian. Denis is an example of the ITF pathway. He started his journey from the juniors and here he is playing in Davis Cup. He showed great team engagement, and he learned some of that because he played Junior Davis Cup over the last few years before making it to the top of the game.

So, I'd like to just read a quote. He said: "It reminds me of Junior Davis Cup, just on a much bigger stage. Let the best team win." Well, certainly, I think he's probably thinking that today and hoping that he might be the best team.

The Davis Cup trophy is one of the most iconic trophies in the sport, and it's awarded to the best national team in the world. The tennis World Champions."