Lack of experience played a role in 2010 loss to Rafael Nadal, says Berdych

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Lack of experience played a role in 2010 loss to Rafael Nadal, says Berdych

In an interview with Czech media, former world No. 4 Tomas Berdych spoke about his 2010 Wimbledon run. Berdych believes that not having had campaigns like that before the tournament played a key role: "The experience was too important.

I beat Djokovic and Federer but not Nadal," said Berdych. On why he never started working with the eight-time Major winner Ivan Lendl, Berdych said: "We often communicated, but it did not work, I respect his decision and I do not speak about it anymore."

The day where he felt he was done: "After coming back from the US Open, I felt inside myself like if a candle had turned off. I no longer had the fire. Even my wife saw I was different, that I had a different sight."

On possibly moving to New York, United States, Berdych said: "It depends on my wife if she wants to do it, if she wants to try, I will be the first to go." Andy Murray spoke about his regrets about hip injury: "I would have always had to have an operation like this for my hip at some stage but I probably could have delayed that by a number of years had I trained and done things slightly differently and I guess that is stuff, we all look back at things that we did when we were younger and kind of regret them or would have changed things, but I didn’t know that at the time.

I know now and hopefully, I can pass on my experience and advice to other athletes who have been through it or are thinking about how they should be training and doing things themselves”.