Jaume Munar: 'I am learning a lot from Rafael Nadal'

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Jaume Munar: 'I am learning a lot from Rafael Nadal'
Jaume Munar: 'I am learning a lot from Rafael Nadal'

Jaume Munar spoke about how Rafael Nadal inspired him to have success and start a tennis career at a high level. Munar said: "With Rafa I have a relationship before the Academy. When I was 15 years old, he was a bit like a father for me on Tour.

Now more than a work teammate I think he is almost a friend. I spend time with him on and off the court and I am learning a lot from him." Analyzing his season in an interview to Eurosport, Munar added: "I started the year very well, winning ATP matches, I played for many weeks but I did not achieve any great result.

I headed into the US Open getting a very few wins over the last three months, so we decided to get back to the Challengers to gain confidence and points. It was also a personal challenge to see that I was solid in the Challengers.

Unlike the previous year, I think now when I play a Challenger I go there with guarantees of doing well, being one of the favorites and this step has nothing to do with the previous one, even if I am a young kid and I have to learn from all of them.

Making a step behind also helps you appreciating that when you are playing ATP tournaments you have to take your chances since it's unique opportunities." Munar concluded: "Tennis player's career is very long, you need to go through every kind of moments.

If it's true that I broke through in a very quick way, I had never ended a year with a worse ranking than I had in the previous year. My goals for the next year, and for all the following ones, are to fight at my best to be at the top and for big things, starting from the top 50 and then improving little by little."

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