Bautista Agut: 'I am excited to play with Rafael Nadal at ATP Cup'

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Bautista Agut: 'I am excited to play with Rafael Nadal at ATP Cup'

Roberto Bautista Agut spoke about the ATP Cup that he will play with Rafael Nadal and their other compatriots. The world No. 9, who just won the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid after an unbelievable week, said: “I’m excited because it’s going to be the first time [having this event] in Australia and Rafa and I are going to play there.

I hope we have a good team and can play a good week for Spain”. Nick Kyrgios, who will represent Australia, said: “It's going to be an awesome event. I know everyone on the Tour wants to be with their teammates.

There's nothing better than playing for your country against the other best players in the world." Jannik Sinner, who will instead play the Qatar Open in Doha, spoke about his beginning in tennis: "As a kid, I was playing less junior tournaments.

One day we went to Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh, to play the first ITF Futures event. And of course, I lost. In those tournaments, I was losing because the others were stronger than me. But we decided, with my team, to head into that direction.

I wanted to do something more game-wise. This journey definitely helped me. I was losing a lot. I was never winning. Or I was still winning less. But in the end, every time we lost we always stayed there, we trained with stronger people.

The same thing we are doing now. Doing it when you are younger is very important because if you always face the same level opponents or lower level, you win but you do not realize if you improve or not. And in the end, I decided to improve.

Sometimes you also need to be lucky. In Bergamo this year when I won my maiden Challenger, I was a bit lucky. I came from Kazakhstan the day before, I trained for half-an-hour, then in the evening, I played a very good match. It went well. Sometimes it takes a match to make a difference."