Rafael Nadal: Fate and time are on his hands

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Rafael Nadal: Fate and time are on his hands

Rafael Nadal says he doesn't think about Roger Federer's Slam Record. But after 2019, I honestly don't think about it! Nadal thinks about the record, because, in his career, he has never been so close to breaking the Swiss Maestro record.

At the end of an exceptional season, Nadal can be considered the men's player of the year: final at the Australian Open, victories in Rome, at the Roland Garros, at the Rogers Cup, at the US Open and at the Davis Cup Finals.

An epic season for the Spaniard, who also married his historical girlfriend Francisca Perello, crowning a perfect year. Now it's time to think about 2020. Next season will be incredible, both for the Mallorcan and for all tennis fans.

The rivalry between Rafa and Federer could reach its climax: both will fight until their last breath, Nadal to overcome the 20 Majors of Federer, the Swiss to defend his record. It will be a battle that will begin immediately in Melbourne, to then continue throughout the year.

With Novak Djokovic as the third contender. But considering everything, Nadal holds destiny and time. At 33 years old, and with at least two or three seasons ahead, Rafa will have enough chances to reach and surpass the rival's 20 Slams.

Federer will still have maybe two seasons to defend his record, but the balance hangs on the Spanish side. Nadal will have highlighted on his schedule the 2020 June 7th, the day of the final of the French Open. That could be a historical date: it could be the day when the Spaniard could reach 20 Majors and reach Federer.

As always, however, each new season is a world separate from the past. There are many variables in play, and much still needs to be written. In spite of all the phrases of circumstance, Nadal holds his own destiny, perhaps more than Federer and Djokovic. Time says that he can rewrite the book of records and amaze rivals, fans, media and insiders once again.