Having a Grand Slam winner from Nadal Academy in Kuwait is possible - Toni

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Having a Grand Slam winner from Nadal Academy in Kuwait is possible - Toni

Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke with Arabian Business about possibly seeing a youngster coming from the new tennis center they coming up in Kuwait. Toni said: "I know that it is not easy that someone from here can become Grand Slam champion, but I know that it’s not impossible and I know that if someone wants to work really hard, they’ll have the possibility to be a champion.

I want to work with this confidence, I want to work with this motivation. I don’t know how many years I need, but I hope in a few years we can have people from here in the ATP Tour and in the WTA Tour”. Nuno Marques, Head of the Academy in Kuwait, said: "The Rafa Nadal methodology includes five main sections: tennis training, physical training, mental training, nutrition and competition.

We are bringing that method to Kuwait. We want to create national champions, yet every journey must start at the beginning. Our coaches will engage with members, visitors and the community to transfer tennis knowledge and stress the importance of healthy, active lifestyles”.

Meanwhile, Nadal has been officially confirmed for the 2020 Barcelona Open. The announcement was made by David Ferrer who took over as the tournament director from Albert Costa, this year. Ferrer retired from professional tennis 2019, and the Barcelona Open was his penultimate tournament before he hung up his boots in Madrid.