Rafael Nadal disappointed and sad about recent criticism directed at him

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Rafael Nadal disappointed and sad about recent criticism directed at him

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal sent an open letter to Manacor media to share his feeling of pain and disappointment for the criticism he received after expanding his academy and educational centre that he runs in the city. "Like any person, it hurts me to receive unjustified criticism," said Nadal.

"I could open up on more situations that made me involved for a long time, but I do not like to be involved in certain things," said Nadal. "Some people may not like the way I held Manacor name around the world but I think that I made my best effort in order to do it in the best possible way.

I was always there when Manacor needed me. Manacor and Porto Cristo are everything for me: here I live, train, I have my family, friends, it's where I live my day by day." Nadal also admitted that he could have built the Academy in several parts around the world, "Where we were offered many benefits and facilities, but it was always clear that, although it required a bigger economical effort, I wanted to do it at my home in Manacor."

On being targeted as a privileged, Nadal added: "Yeah, I feel privileged since the majority of the Parliament thought that this strategic project for Mallorca would have been much stronger if it took place while I was active.

And I was always grateful for it." He has invested his money to build the academy. "I am very happy that there more than 300 people can work, fighting the whole year for its sustainability, being a small city and with more difficulties than our big international competitors."