Karen Khachanov recalls when he was trying to imitate Rafael Nadal

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Karen Khachanov recalls when he was trying to imitate Rafael Nadal

In an interview to the ATP Cup Karen Khachanov spoke about his admiration for Rafael Nadal. Khachanov said: "When Rafa was having his outfit with the longer shorts, I was trying to imitate him a little bit, screaming 'Vamos' and this kind of stuff and also brought his kits."

Daniil Medvedev spoke about how he got into tennis: "By accident. I was six years old swimming, then I went playing tennis with some kids. I do not remember how it felt like first but step by step my love for the game was growing bigger and bigger."

Medvedev feels motivated playing the ATP Cup alongside Khachanov: "We are great friends, we know each other since we are nine, ten, we really lived tennis together, we are really happy for Russia and what we achieved.

There we will be as a team trying to get the No. 1 place and get in the trophy for Russia." Yoshihito Nishioka is looking forward to play the ATP Cup with Kei Nishikori. He said: "I was 15 or 16 years old when I first hit with him and he was already a top player and I had just started in the juniors.

I was so nervous, but he’s such a nice guy, so it wouldn’t have happened. But I was thinking if I missed a ball, maybe he’d get upset at me or something, so I was so nervous. He never did it, but I was thinking that because I was a junior. Those are good memories."