Rafael Nadal supports Belgian girl with rare brain tumor

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Rafael Nadal supports Belgian girl with rare brain tumor

Back in October, the world of the ten-year-old Belgian girl Cloe Hauben and her family turned upside down, with a rare tumor diagnosed on her brain stem. At the moment, the only hope is an experimental treatment in the United States that costs €100,000 per year and the family is working hard on producing that money, sharing Cloe's story and receiving support and help from the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and many others (you can help as well HERE).

A cousin of Cloe's father has connections with Rafael Nadal Academy in Mallorca, organizing some tournaments there and getting in touch with world no. 1 who also sent a video to Cloe, wishing her all the best and encouraging her to stay positive and beat the tumor.

Besides his exceptional results on the court, Nadal was always eager to offer help and support for those who didn't have the luck to enjoy their childhood as they would have wanted. Back in 2008, Rafa and his mother created the Rafa Nadal Foundation, focusing on kids' sport and education.

Regardless of their background, kids and teens are getting the opportunity to prove themselves and enjoy a brighter future. The Rafa Nadal Foundation is a member of the Spanish Association of Foundations, operating in Spain, USA and India and co-operating with 24 schools in Spain and India.

More than 700 children have benefited from the Foundation in 2019, taking care of over 5000 kids worldwide. Giving his best on and off the court, Nadal will finish the season as the year-end no. 1 for the fifth time in a career, winning four titles in 2019 and improving his tally of Major crowns to 19, just one behind Roger Federer.

Nadal will play at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship later in December before leading Spain at the ATP Cup in January.