'2020 French Open final between Nadal and Thiem would be great for Babolat'

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'2020 French Open final between Nadal and Thiem would be great for Babolat'

In an interview to TennisNet Eric Babolat spoke about how it would be like for the French brand to have, for the third year in a row, a French Open final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. Mr. Babolat said: "It would be great for us and tennis fans.

Because you see a battle between two generations. Dominic always learns something new. But of corse we are neutral and happy that in the end we have a winner." Asked what they can improve on, Eric replied: "There is definitely something to improve.

We always work to maximize the relationship between power and control. Because you normally have to pick one of the two. The biggest development over the last years, however, has been with the players: they are physically stronger than the previous generation.

And they move much better. Strings help players to get control." On Babolat and French Open ending their working relationship, he concluded: "We have been having a special relationship with the French Open since 2011, both for rackets and apparels.

It was a very nice story. Last year we spoke with the French Tennis Federation and they wanted a different story from us. So we said we did not want to continue the partnership. But we are also working with another Grand Slam, Wimbledon, for apparels, rackets and shoes."