Rafael Nadal is not done yet, is still the number one - Eric Babolat

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Rafael Nadal is not done yet, is still the number one - Eric Babolat

Eric Babolat is satisfied with the season that the French brand's players had. Speaking with TennisNet, Babolat said: "We have two generations, which doesn't mean Rafael Nadal's time has ended. But he is older and he still shows he can be number one.

And the generation around Dominic (Thiem) has become even stronger, even if they need to still make the last step. And we are also very happy to have Felix Auger-Aliassime on our team. And we also had a good year with the women."

Thiem started the season with a new string. Didn't he take a risk? "Only Dominic knows why he wanted to switch strings. But I think he is one of these professionals who knows that you have to constantly change if you want to improve.

Dominic spoke to us and we developed something that would give him more power and control at the same time. Now we will bring this string, which Dominic had a lot of success with, on the market. It's always the little things to make a difference.

But Babolat is close to the players. And they understand what players need. And when players are ready for a change, we make a step forward. In Dominic's case, it should finally help him to win his maiden Grand Slam title next year.

The right string is important for it too. 50 per cent is given by the racket, 50 per cent by the game. Dominic is comfortable with our products because they are good. But also because he has a good relationship with our company."