Babolat is like family to Rafael Nadal, says CEO

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Babolat is like family to Rafael Nadal, says CEO

Speaking to Industria del Tenis, Eric Babolat reflected on how important Rafael Nadal has been for the French tennis brand. "Many things. Rafa Nadal is unique in tennis. The relationship between Babolat and Spain is pretty specific as the first Grand Slam title with our rackets was with Carlos Moya in 1998 French Open, and it's funny that he is Rafa's coach now.

It was an important moment for the brand since it was the first win since we switched to rackets. It's important for us to have those Champions, since they are reference points for the fans, for the club's players. And Rafa is a great champion, first with his attitudes on court, which are unbelievable, but also for his behavior, his desire to constantly improve the racket, the strings, which is great for us.

Something very important in the relationship with Rafa is that the family is very important for him and Babolat being a familiar brand, I think that's the key, we are part of his sports family and that's what marks the difference.

He respects a lot what we do, always positive when it comes to helping us, working with him is easy. Players like him inspire the new generations." "Spain is a great country of tennis like we saw in Madrid with Davis Cups. For us it's important and we are leaders not just in Spain but around the world."