Rafael Nadal's game is not fun, says former player

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Rafael Nadal's game is not fun, says former player

In an interview to Il Corriere the former tennis player Antonio Zugarelli commented on how tennis evolved over the years. Zugarelli, who was one of the four players who won the Davis Cup title for Italy in 1976 defeating Chile in the final, said: 'Everything changed.

It seems tennis has become rich and arrogant like the football. At my time, in Rome, 80 percent of the tennis players were streets guys, just like me. You came to tennis only after becoming a ballboy. I was cleaning the court and the lines for the rich sirs.

Now tennis became an industry: you have an agent, a coach, fitness trainer, physio. At my time I was alone, sometimes my wife next to me too.' What would Zugarelli have been if he were a tennis player in 2015? 'Well...

Now in 2-3 tournaments you earn as much as I earned in my entire career. I may be a top 50 player but I would have lost the Davis Cup era. Our Davis. I am not sad to have stayed in the history of the Italian tennis, in the end...'

. On today's tennis, Zugarelli added: 'Federer is the best of all time. He is the tennis. Djokovic will be world No. 1. I like that he is extravagant; which is not Nadal, who is not fun for me. If I go to the Foro Italico, I want to see the French tennis, not the Spanish one.

For the Spanish generation you need to have a strong stomach.' About Fabio Fognini, Zugarelli concluded: 'I like him a lot. But he needs to mature. Sometimes when he enters into the court it's a little question mark. But he has turned 30 and people mature at that age. He can do it, too.'