Kohlschreiber: 'Against Rafael Nadal in Davis Cup, 10,000 people cheer for him'

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Kohlschreiber: 'Against Rafael Nadal in Davis Cup, 10,000 people cheer for him'

On the new Davis Cup format, Philipp Kohlschreiber shared an interesting opinion. "I think of course if you play at home and you have a stadium supporting you, of course, it's a very nice feeling. I think we, as a German team, we cannot create this interactive feeling with the fans here because there are only a few people coming to really, from Germany.

But it's always -- I mean, it's special. I play for my country and it doesn't matter for me if I play in front of 100 people or 10,000. Of course, it's more stress. And I had all the matches already where I played maybe against 10,000 people in Spain, you know, cheering for Rafa (Nadal) or somebody else.

But, yeah, we are here now. We want to do our best. We still play for our country. And, you know, for sure, there will be always some improvements but they've made a step. As I said, I'm playing for my country and this is more important than all the changes and rule changes what's going on."

"I am playing now for many years the Davis Cup, so I think it's already credit that I really like to play in the team for the country. We have a great atmosphere. A very professional team around us. So the support is outstanding.

I try to enjoy. Of course, it's always more pressure in Davis Cup. But in the end, I think I enjoy more than its pressure, so that's why I'm always coming back if I have the opportunity. So far, I think, I have no problem with the altitude because I come -- or I practice from Munich so it's pretty much the same. And the surface plays very fair. I think it's not really slow, but you can play nice tennis."