Toni Nadal shares how many tournaments Rafael should be playing in

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Toni Nadal shares how many tournaments Rafael should be playing in

Toni Nadal believes that his nephew Rafael should not reduce the number of tournaments he plays throughout the season. Toni said: 'For some years he was not able to play more due to injuries he suffered but if he is doing well physically I think that playing 16 tournaments is not enough and I believe that Rafael can cope with it.'

Toni stopped being Nadal's coach at the end of 2017 in order to work on a daily basis at his Academy: 'I keep doing what I like to, which is training, also in Spain. I feel very grateful for all that I lived with my nephew, but now at this new stage, I am very excited, trying to train the kids who come here to the Academy, bringing my knowledge to the younger people.

I missed traveling, not being in Australia or in other many tournaments that I liked, but in the end, you get used to it and here the work does not lack.' Toni also revealed some of the suggestions he gave to Rafa when he was a kid: 'I never told him impossible things to do on a tennis court.

I told Rafael that he would play every ball as best as possible. It also means to move well, being committed in every moment, being 100% focused. It also requires a very high effort. You have no methods that make you have success without effort.'

In an interview, Paul Annacone, who worked as a coach with Roger Federer from 2010 to 2013, said the Swiss player could have another great run in 2020. Annacone made Djokovic and Nadal's examples indicating that Federer is not done yet.

'As in the past - do not count the greats out. Novak was amazing in the second half of 2018. Rafa was spectacular the first half - if they are both healthy I see them competing for the number one ranking. Roger didn’t play great this year.

A terrific start, but for his talents and our expectations he was good, not great, after the beginning of 2018. I am intrigued to see how Roger starts 2019 - to see if he can keep Father Time at bay for a bit longer', said Annacone.