Jaume Munar disagrees with Rafael Nadal on one thing

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Jaume Munar disagrees with Rafael Nadal on one thing

Rafael Nadal often said that not being allowed to call on-court coaching in a mid professional match on the ATP Tour is a ridiculous thing. At the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, players are using this rule chatting with their coach by distance through headphones.

Jaume Munar likes it: 'I'm a fan of coaching. I mean, people working with you, traveling you with you all over the world every week, so why then they cannot help us? I really like it a lot. I think it can be helpful in key moments.

And as you have seen this week, it's working for me', said Munar. At the Academy all the kids are watching Munar's matches, and the 22-year-old is happy with it: 'It's emotional. People who is watching you doing something, they trying to learn and to be that person who they watch.

It's special. I mean, the kids you are seeing in the pictures, I'm meeting them every day there in the academy when I practice. So it's really special. I don't know. I'm just trying to be someone that they can look.

I'm just trying to do the things well to be an example. But the most example there in the academy is Rafa. So I'm looking higher, and I'm looking to Rafa, and they will also do this.'