Rafael Nadal was scared and worried before a French Open final, says insider

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Rafael Nadal was scared and worried before a French Open final, says insider

The former world No. 4 and current WTA coach Magdalena Maaleva spoke about how tennis needs to be teached mentally. Maaleva pointed out a very important example in explaining that the younger guys should not feel the pressure coming from their camp.

Speaking to the Italian TV channel SuperTennis, she said: "I like what Toni Nadal once said. There was before a French Open final. Rafael was very worried and scared and Toni told him, If you lose this match, nothing will change in your life.

If you win this match, you come back next year and you will start from zero again. So winning and losing for kids is not the most important thing. The pressure comes from people around you when they put too much importance on the results and that's terrible.

We have to do as much as possible in order to remind kids that they are there just because they love the game." A tennis physicologist said: "I probably spent 50 percent with 17 world No. 1s and 50 percent of the time with the parents.

Parents have no idea about what it needs to be done. So I have many suggestions for them, especially a couple. Never think that tennis can be a way to make money, become a star or be famous. It's the person first and the athlete after.

Focus about the human side. Tennis should be a way to be more grounded, more humble, more grateful, nicer, have a strong character, get healthier physically. Parents should only be there to support and not create pressure. The only time they should act is if they see their kids not behaving well or cheating. They should not be coaches, just mother and father."