Rafael Nadal won the Convivencia Award

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Rafael Nadal won the Convivencia Award

Rafael Nadal won a new award. The world no.1 d has indeed won the 28th edition of the Convivencia Award,of the Broseta Foundation. The Foundation was born in memory of the Spanish Manuel Broseta Pont, assassinated by members of the terrorist organization ETA in 1992.

The announcement was made by the President of the Royal Board of the Prado National Museum Javier Solana. It is a recognition that rewards the commitment of the man, for absolute fidelity to the values ​​of equality, justice, openness and respect for ideological pluralism.

Among the winners of the previous 27 editions there are also the Catalan Civil Society, the former president Felipe Gonzalez and the former president of the European Commission Jacques Delors and the Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai (the youngest winner of a Nobel prize).

The awarding of the prize will take place during the ceremony on January 14th, a date that precedes by one month and one day when, in 1992, Broseta was assassinated. Rafa thus closes an incredible 2019, where he did the impossible, ready to come back on the court in 2020 to hunt down a record that up until two years ago seemed almost impossible. As long as Roger Federer agrees!