Rafael Nadal Says He is Re-Hooked to Watching Real Madrid Once Again

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Rafael Nadal Says He is Re-Hooked to Watching Real Madrid Once Again

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal has spoken openly about his liking for the Spanish football club Real Madrid. In an interview to Marca, Nadal speaks about the Spanish national football team and the Real Madrid team. When asked about the chances of Spain in the Euro 2020, Nadal says, "With the controversies, we are doing badly.

We saw it with Julen. It was a cluster of negative circumstances. We were favorites to the title for the trajectory and the sudden dismissal of Julen weakened us. We do not make the same mistake. We must have tranquility and continuity.

I am happy that after the tragedy that Luis Enrique has had, he will have the inner strength to lead again. The way Robert came out could have been done better." Speaking about his club Real Madrid, Nadal says, "I have been re-hooked to Real Madrid after a complicated last year and a difficult start to the season.

I only speak of Madrid as an amateur and not as a football expert. As an athlete, I think it is very difficult when we have many months of bad dynamics to change it radically. Madrid at the beginning carried the negative dynamics of the previous year and the players continued with that distrust that does not let you play with the mental freedom to develop the best of each one.

But Madrid now takes two months at a very high level to convey what the team is. I like watching them play again. Hazard has had many injuries, his presence is vital." When asked what he thought about some people's comparisons equating Roger Federer to Lionel Messi in football and himself to Cristiano Ronaldo, Nadal says that there is no comparison possible.

"There is no comparison possible. They are two completely different sports and the characteristics of Messi are not those of Federer nor those of Cristiano are mine. Each one is as it is."