‘A young player will win a Grand Slam next year,’ says Nadal ahead of Australian Open

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‘A young player will win a Grand Slam next year,’ says Nadal ahead of Australian Open

Rafael Nadal, the enigmatic inch-perfect who had two Grand Slams singles titles in 2019 said in an interview with a French newspaper, L’Equipe, published on Sunday, the 29th of December, that he was anticipating a next-generation player to come across a Grand Slam title next year adding the 33-year-old bohemian Spaniard had not really been putting on the “big three” at his thinking cap.

In point of fact, an ATP tour without naming Roger, Djokovic or Nadal as its titleholder, had more or less been an utter rarity, nonetheless, young-hearts likes of Tsitsipas having had something extra-special with a flurry of flairs have started to sweep up and to fortify their footings over the big-league arenas, a cut section of which could have been the latest Mubadala final over the hard-surfaced concretes in Dubai where the old-school Spaniard had to prove his resilience over and over again to beat the Greek spesh in a 192-minute long muck sweat finale.

Meanwhile, adding he has one major ambition left in his career which is to partake in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, given his long-standing red-letter affair with France because of his dominance in the French Opens, the aggressive Spanish counterpuncher said to the French newspaper, L’Equipe, “I don’t think that the Big Three are going to win all four.

A young player is going to arrive next year. ” “To be at the Olympic Games in Paris (in 2024) would be a dream but it is difficult to say now because it is a long way away. Logic would tell me I will not be there.

But you also have to distrust logic." “If you had said to me, five years ago, that I would have such a season in 2019, I would have said it was impossible. And at the end of 2009, if you had said I would still be playing just before the start of 2020, I would have said no. So, logic…