What are Rafael Nadal's best skills?

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What are Rafael Nadal's best skills?

Rafael Nadal is considered the King of clay-courts, for his great victories on this surface, including the 12 French Open, a result that no other tennis player has ever achieved in the history of men's singles in a Slam tournament.

But what are Rafael Nadal's best skills? Service
With the service Nadal obtained 3,449 aces, winning 72% points off his first serve and 57% points off his second serves. Service is a very powerful and precise weapon for his tennis.

His left-handed forehand is perhaps Spaniard's best shot. The trajectories that he manages to find are at the limit of the impossible (like his banana-shot). Speed, precision and power characterize this shot. Backhand
Nadal's backhand is a very strong and precise shot, thanks to which Nadal manages to find precision and power even when he is engaged in a hard exchange from the baseline.

Net game
Contrary to popular belief, Nadal can play an excellent net game. His tennis, however, makes very limited use of it, being a predominantly defensive and from the baseline style. Return
Return is a good shot of the Spaniard, with which he often saved very delicate situations in many matches during his career.

Mental strength
Nadal makes of mental strength one of his strengths. Even when the situation seems desperate, Rafa manages to find the solidity necessary to get out of a complicated situation. Physical strength and speed
Physical strength is the basis of his successes.

Combined with a crazy speed, Nadal manages to combine great athleticism with a very high-level technique. Sometimes these efforts caused him injuries. What do you think about it? What is Rafael Nadal's best skill? You can answer this question in the comments of the article!