Alex Corretja: Rafael Nadal is ready to pass Roger Federer

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Alex Corretja: Rafael Nadal is ready to pass Roger Federer

Tennis - Alex Corretja says that matching the all time Grand Slam record of Roger Federer will be a big motivation for Rafael Nadal when the Australian Open gets underway in Melbourne later this month, according to Reuters.

Federer leads the all-time record of Slams at 20 while Nadal is one behind at 19 after winning two Grand Slams in 2019 whereas Federer failed to win any of the Slams last year. At 33, Nadal is also five years younger than the Swiss.

Serbia's Novak Djokovic is also in the race with 16 Grand Slams currently. Corretja says, "It’s a huge motivation for him I’m sure. He is.... so humble ... (that) he’s (probably) not even thinking of the future.

But I’m sure in the back of his mind he knows that now he has a great chance this year and in the next four Slams to tie Roger and even go ahead of him. Last year he won two Slams, reached the finals in Australia and semis in Wimbledon, that means he is going to be knocking on the door for next two or three years for sure.

I’m sure he will tie Roger and once he does that he will pass him. But then you could can never say Roger will not win another one. But I think Rafa is ready to pass Roger. He and Djokovic can both go into the 20s. From what I’ve seen he is in unbelievable shape and if he’s healthy for Melbourne it will be very difficult to beat him. He’s playing very aggressive. He and Novak are the guys to beat for sure”.