Rafael Nadal: 'If You Don't Have Doubt, It Probably Means That You're Being Arrogant'

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Rafael Nadal: 'If You Don't Have Doubt, It Probably Means That You're Being Arrogant'

Tennis - World No. 1 tennis star Rafael Nadal will appear on the famous 60 Minutes show this Sunday, January 12th on the CBS network, according to CBS News. The interview was conducted by noted tennis journalist Jon Wertheim in December, during the off-season in Mallorca where Nadal grew up and still lives.

For the interview, the CBS crew were privy to one of Nadal's intense practice sessions in Mallorca. Speaking on his outlook to tennis and life generally, Nadal says, "I am a very intense person with a lot of energy.

I live life and sports at maximum intensity. This is how I feel it." The Spaniard says that even after so many Grand Slam titles and wins, he still has doubts which he feels helps him be more alert. "If you don't have doubt, it probably means that you're being arrogant.

[Doubt] is good for me, because then I feel alert. Tennis is a sport where things can change very quickly. That's the great beauty of our sport."

During the show, Wertheim also speaks to Uncle Toni Nadal, who played one of the most instrumental roles in shaping the Spaniard's career and Toni gives an insight into Nadal's hard working and champion mindset, even when he was a child.

"Normally, when you throw the ball to most kids, they wait for the ball to come to them. But when [Rafael] was three years old, he went straight for it." Nadal is currently in Australia where he is representing Spain in the ATP Cup.

He will then head to Melbourne for the Australian Open which begins on January 20th. The Spaniard will be aiming to win his 20th Grand Slam title in Australia and equal the all-time record for most Grand Slams won currently held by Roger Federer.