Rafael Nadal admits his era is coming to an end: “This life is not forever”

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Rafael Nadal admits his era is coming to an end: “This life is not forever”

Getting ready to start the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal wants to enjoy each tournament he plays because he knows he won’t be around the ATP Tour much more from now on. Even though he is world number one and surely one of the most feared opponents on the tour, the 33 years old Spaniard keeps an eye on his future.

“This type of life is just for a few more time(s), it’s not forever, so then of course that I’ll be super happy and super interested to try and help the kids in any single way” Nadal told on Australian Open TV.

However, Rafael takes his energy from his achievements and if he continues to triumph so often, we may well see him still active when he’ll reach Roger Federer’s age. “The positive achievements encourage you and give you positive energy to keep going and that’s real” Nadal said.

Now, Rafael Nadal can take a big grasp of ‘positive energy’ if he makes a good run at the Australian Open, otherwise he’ll just change his focus on the next tournament. Every tournament counts for Nadal. “I just want to enjoy every single event that I am playing.

You can’t be only focused on four events per year. But, of course, Australia(an Open) is the first one. I love to be in Australia, honestly. The tournament by itself is unique, so for me the main goal is trying to be ready for it”