Why does Rafael Nadal ‘surgically’ place the bottles before each game?

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Why does Rafael Nadal ‘surgically’ place the bottles before each game?

Over the weekend, as the Spanish first seed, Rafael Nadal has been gearing up his practice session ahead of the year’s first Grand Slam, the ’20 Australian Open, where he will be facing off the Bolivian Hugo Delian in the first round, a press appears to be more interested in why Rafa (Nadal) “Surgically” positions the bottles before the beginning of each game.

While being asked why the world’s No. 1, the 33-year-old Spaniard Cannonball has been meticulously and “surgically” placing the bottles before the start off of each game, Nadal said to the B92 press agency reporter on Saturday (January 18th), “If I didn't fit the bottles, it would mean that in breaks I could think of something other than a game.

This way, I make them the same each time so I can concentrate solely on the game and what lies ahead.……... I feel good physically, even though I have played many matches. I trained for a few days in Melbourne. I hope to be ready for the first match.

” On top of that, while being asked about Rafael Nadal’s secrets of being at the top-gears throughout his entire career following a rejuvenating 2019, the Mallorcan said earlier on Saturday to B92, “There is no secret.

It’s about passion, about loving the game about thinking positively in difficult moments. The truth is, I have been through difficult career situations. But I managed to overcome them. Many have said that with my style of play I will not be here for long, but here I am. I'm happy about that. Although it's surprising to me, too. ”