The food Rafael Nadal dislikes is a must on Simona Halep’s breakfast menu

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The food Rafael Nadal dislikes is a must on Simona Halep’s breakfast menu

If you didn’t know, Rafael Nadal often uses cooking as a relaxing habit even during Grand Slams, but he has his own peculiarities when it comes to choosing the ingredients for his culinary creations. What’s curious is that the food which stands at the top of the Spaniard’s ‘blacklist’ makes Simona Halep’s favorite breakfast combination.

After Simona Halep beat Anett Kontaveit in the Australian Open quarterfinals in a flawless fashion, she was greeted at the post-match conference by an eager journalist, who asked her what she ate for breakfast. “Why? I played really well, no? I have two weeks eating the same thing, ham and cheese”.

Simona answered with a satisfied smile. Per Halep’s declaration, ham and cheese are clearly among her favorite ingredients to start the day with. After all, she’s been devouring them since the start of the Australian Open.

Ham and cheese are two of the most used ingredients in the world, so very few people can say they don’t like them. However, ‘chef’ Rafael Nadal is one of the exceptions. In his book, called “Rafa”, his mother — Ana Maria Parera — told John Carlin, the co-author of the book, that Nadal does not like ham, tomatoes and cheese.

“It is a bit peculiar”, Nadal’s mother told Carlin. Getting past the unusual kitchen habits, Rafael explained why he likes to cook. “I enjoy it, and my family thinks it’s good for me. Something else to help settle my mind. That night I grilled some fish and served some pasta with shrimps”. Rafael Nadal noted.