95-year-old Rafael Nadal fan will watch him against Roger Federer in Cape Town

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95-year-old Rafael Nadal fan will watch him against Roger Federer in Cape Town

Two of the most successful players in history will face each other in front of the record-breaking crowd of some 50,000 in Cape Town. Roger Federer will compete in the land of his mother for the first time on February 7 against Rafael Nadal in the "Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal Match In Africa."

The 20-time Major champion with South African citizenship is thrilled about competing there for the first time, hoping to raise more than $1 million for the Roger Federer Foundation that supports early childhood education in six African countries and Switzerland.

Also, another goal was to offer a chance for as many fans as possible to watch two legends, with the world record attendance almost certainly to get broken on Friday. Alongside their official battles on the Tour, Roger and Rafa had the opportunity to embrace eight unofficial meetings ever since the first one in Seoul in November 2006, with Mallorca, Zurich, Madrid, Abu Dhabi, Oregon and New Delhi coming in the following years.

With so many people wanting to see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in action, the tickets were done and dusted in some 15 minutes, leaving the 95-year-old Nadal fan empty-handed alongside many others. The Upington native Mama Lila was among them, desperate after missing the opportunity to see his favorite player Rafael Nadal whom she has been supporting for some 20 years!

Her son-in-law Riedewhan Davids had to react quickly, sending a letter to the Roger Federer Foundation and asking for a wheelchair ticket, receiving an answer from Computicket two days later and receiving two tickets for Mama Lila and her assistant.

Thus, this passionate tennis fan will have a chance to watch Rafael Nadal against one of his greatest rivals, dreaming about taking a picture with him. "I'm very excited; I keep packing and unpacking. I keep wishing I could meet Nadal; I wish he wins and I wish I could take a photo with him," mama Lila said.

"The first time I saw him play was about 12 years ago. He doesn't just hit the ball; he plays tennis." "Her reaction was indescribable. She was ecstatic. The best thing that happened in all her life, those were her words.

She cried when she received the news. The family was so thankful after the initial disappointment," her son-in-law Riedewhan Davids said.