Ferrer: In important moments, Rafael Nadal holds the pressure better than others


Ferrer: In important moments, Rafael Nadal holds the pressure better than others
Ferrer: In important moments, Rafael Nadal holds the pressure better than others

Former World No. 3 David Ferrer says Rafael Nadal has a different mind to any sportsman that he has ever seen in his life which is the reason for the Spaniard's unprecedented success in his career. Speaking to Sport 360, the 37 year old Ferrer, who retired from the tour last year, says, "He means a lot to tennis.

I learned a lot from him and from his uncle. He has a different mind to any sportsman that I’ve seen in my life. In important moments, he holds the pressure better than other players. He impresses me every year. I watch him on TV or play against him and he is always improving his game – his serve, his volley and the passion he plays with at 33.

It’s amazing. It’s good for me because I’m close to him and I can learn in my personal life”. Since retiring from tennis, Ferrer has continued to remain involved with the sport - he has taken over from Albert Costa as the Tournament Director of the Barcelona Open and is also involved with his tennis academy, which is run by his brother.

“I’m really happy with this job (as Tournament Director). I’m in a different position working with tennis players. It’s good for me to be close with them. I’m very focused with that. I also have my tennis academy with my partners and I am going there, helping young tennis players.

It’s nice. They are learning and improving their game and it’s very comfortable for me”. Speaking about the new generation of players, Ferrer says that he is not worried about the lack of focus or attitude of today's generation.

“I don’t worry. We have to learn about that and take the good things in the evolution of life. The bad things we can thrash. Of course, life is changing every year. Technology is too fast. Sometimes it is difficult to accept that.

Everything is in the moment. Before we had to work hard to have a special thing. But if you know that, you can do a lot of things in your life. Sometimes it depends on the values that your close family or parents give you”.

The Spaniard also remains open to coaching in the future though for now, he says he is happy with his current life and spend some time with his family. "I’d have to make some phone calls but I’m not interested now.

I’ve only finished seven months [ago]. I want to be with my family and to do different things that I didn’t do before. I’m really enjoying my new life. I have other goals, important goals. I’ve still got motivation to do something with tennis because I love this game."

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