Moya on Spanish Tennis without Nadal: Have to get used to this not being repeated

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Moya on Spanish Tennis without Nadal: Have to get used to this not being repeated

Former World No. 1 Carlos Moya says that he hopes Rafael Nadal will win many more Grand Slams although he knows how difficult the same is and that Spanish tennis will need to get used to average results once the great Spaniard retires from the game.

In an interview to Las Provincias, when asked how many Slams Nadal could still win, Moya says, "I do not know. Hopefully many, but I know the difficulty even though Rafa has normalized it. Living like now will be impossible.

Having someone like Nadal makes it look like a failure to lose in Grand Slam quarterfinals or semifinals, or not to win two or three Master 1,000 events a year. We will have to get used to this not being repeated. I am aware that I will never live what I am living with Rafa.

Not because of winning Grand Slams or being number one, but because of the personal relationship. It is something unrepeatable that I will enjoy till the time it lasts." When asked if Nadal would have been fresher in Australia if he had not played all the team events in the last few months, the 1998 French Open champion says, "Well, it is always easy to analyze on hindsight We must be able to anticipate things before they happen.

Thiem is a player in great shape and Rafa had his options but could not capitalise on them. But if we have made mistakes, we will try to correct them. (Laver Cup) I do not know. We have made the calendar until Wimbledon. Then I don't know what the schedule will be.

We do not know, with a player at this point in Rafa's career we go like this ... let's see, we have the season at 80%, but things are always emerging that force you to vary on what you have planned. (The Olympics) is a competition that attracts him very much besides the Grand Slams."

The 43 year old Moya adds that Nadal's future would remain connected to tennis. "He has his academy next to his house, which is going to be his legacy to tennis and he will surely enjoy it. In that and in other businesses that are already emerging.

It is clear that it will continue to be linked to sport, I honestly do not see him as a politician. I don't think it's something that appeals to him, but it's my point of view." On the race for most Grand Slams between Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, the Spaniard says, "It is clear that in the face of competition between them, the less the rivals win, the better.

I can also say that Rafa is calm about that. Although he did not win, in Australia he made the best competition he could. It (most Grand Slams) is something that is on the horizon, but we don't talk about it." Finally, on his own personal front, Moya said he would playing the Senior Masters Cup to be held in Valencia in April and says he is looking forward to the same.

"With enthusiasm and desire. It's nice to participate in an event and more in my case, that I play less and less. I really feel like it. Surely the public will have a good time. I play a lot with Nadal and that more or less keeps me going.

I also do gym, but it is clear that the pace of competition is not the same as before. Although good, I think it still gives me and the public a chance to have a good time. (Training with Nadal) helps! But what is lost the most is the sense of the point, the rhythm, the decision-making ... that only he does when we train. That's why I tell you that by not playing games all this is lost fast."