Carlos Moya: "I do not see Rafael Nadal as a politician"

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Carlos Moya: "I do not see Rafael Nadal as a politician"

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic monopolized this era as in few other cases in the history of sport (not just tennis). The three legends are in the running for the Grand Slam record: the Swiss is ahead with 20 Major, but the Spaniard and the Serbian are getting closer and closer respectively at 19 and 17.

During a recent interview, Rafael Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya said he doesn’t expect the Spanish star to enter politics once he retires: “He has his academy next to his house, which is going to be his legacy to tennis and he will surely enjoy it.

[Then] that and other businesses that are already emerging [for him]. He will be presented with opportunities. It is clear that he will continue to be linked to sport. I honestly do not see him as a politician. I don't think it's something that appeals to him, but it's my point of view.

I am aware that I will never live what I am living with Rafa. Not because of winning Grand Slams or being number one, but because of the personal relationship. It is something unrepeatable that I will enjoy [while the] time lasts”.

“[It will be] different. Leaving now will be impossible,” he added. “Having someone like Nadal makes it look like a failure to lose in Grand Slam quarterfinals or semifinals or not to win two or three Masters 1000 a year. We will have to get used to this not being repeated”.