Prize pool Rafael Nadal could chest in Acapulco ATP 2020


Prize pool Rafael Nadal could chest in Acapulco ATP 2020
Prize pool Rafael Nadal could chest in Acapulco ATP 2020

Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard with 19 Grand slams titles, could chest a modest upsum over this year’s Acapulco tournament, the newer version of Mexican Open which had always been a favourite for the Spanish fab, since the Mexican courts had always espoused the Mallorcan bohemian, whom the Hall-of-Famed Jimmy Connors ascribed as saying, “He's built out of a mould that I think I came from also, that you walk out there, you give everything you have from the very first point to the end no matter what the score.

And you're willing to lay it all out on the line and you're not afraid to let the people see that. ” Besides, according to Acapulco ATP 500 organizers, the tournament scheduled to take pace over the outdoor concretes at Acapulco this week, would have a total prize pool of €1,846,973, while the winner would walk away with a stark sum of €350,000 alongside valid 500 points for the ATP ranking.

Nonetheless, no ATP point would be awarded for the first round, however the participants eliminated in the first round would receive a check of €13,117. On top of that, participants eliminated in the second round, quarter finals and semi-finals would be awarded with €23,751 (45 ATP points), €46,501 (90 ATP points) and €87,652 (180 ATP points) respectively, while the runner-up would receive a feasible 300 ATP points alongside €172,720.

Meanwhile, among the top contenders for the title race, Rafael Nadal would be leading the seeding, followed by Alexander Zverev and Nick Kyrgios.

Rafael Nadal Mexican Open

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