Rafael Nadal’s tennis rituals, superstitions or obsessions?

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Rafael Nadal’s tennis rituals, superstitions or obsessions?

Many tennis players pursue strange rituals, though the Spanish second Seed, Rafael Nadal could easily top the list as he has dozens of unusual daily routines on course during practices and matches. Although fans adore Rafael Nadal’s tennis rituals, many expressed scepticisms that the rituals of Rafael Nadal could be stemmed from Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD), however, Nadal never committed to the popular judgement.

As a matter of fact, Mallorcan maverick got a bucket list of superstitions which he called his routines and could help him stay focused in the games. Even though the Spanish who lassoed down 19 major titles during his career, denied he had OCD, there are certain things that Nadal would have to do in a certain and accurate manner.

Earlier this week, Rafael Nadal shared his opinion regarding the acts he would just have to do before, after and during the matches, as the world’s No. 2 spilled, “When I do these things, it means I'm focused…I put the two bottles at my feet, in front of my chair on my left, one behind the other, in a diagonal direction from the field.

Some call it superstition, but it is not. If it was superstition, why would I keep doing the same thing over and over, whether I win or lose? It is a way of placing myself in a match, of ordering my environment to match the order I am looking for in my head.

It's something you start to do, it's like a routine. When I do these things, it means I'm focused, I'm competing - it's something I don't need to do, but when I do it, it means I'm focused. ” Followings are the known series of rituals performed by Nadal, thought critics usually say he has many more hidden up in his sleeves.

  • Taking a freezing shower precisely 45 minutes before a match
  • Wearing both socks at the same height (He often checks out whether the socks are misplaced)
  • Carrying a racket in the ground and five others in the bag
  • Taking off the jackets while jumping or facing audiences
  • Placing the bottles at a particular position
  • Jumping with the net during the draw
  • Crossing the touchline only with the right foot (Nadal often tries to avoid stepping on it)
  • Nadal always takes a sip at his energy drink at first and then the water bottle, always in the same order.