Toni Nadal: I Was too Demanding on Rafael Nadal While Coaching Him

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Toni Nadal: I Was too Demanding on Rafael Nadal While Coaching Him

Toni Nadal, the uncle and former coach of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, says that he had become a difficulty for his nephew Rafael Nadal as he was too demanding as a coach. Speaking in Cancun, Mexico where he was leading a training camp, Toni Nadal commented, "I was a difficulty for him, I was a demanding coach, sometimes too hard, I believe in toughness as a means, not an end.

If I talk about myself, a good thing I think was the demand. Rafael was a boy who, from a very young age, demanded the same thing in the final of the European championship as in daily training, I think that for Rafael was more difficult to train with me than to play the European championship.

That daily requirement is what I think has led him to develop his abilities to the maximum, evidently he has become number one thanks to his effort, thanks to his talent, but also thanks to working with great commitment every day."

Toni Nadal says he is not sure if there will be another player like Rafa Nadal in tennis anytime soon. "It is very difficult to say this because he is a relative, but it is not easy for there to be a new Rafael Nadal, because to date only one surpasses him in Grand Slam tournaments, Roger Federer."

Speaking about the future of the tennis sport, Toni Nadal says, "All sports are moving towards higher speed and that is the future of tennis, people are getting more prepared, physically strong, and the ball is being driven faster, that is what I think is going to set the trend, but it is also true that those of the other generation continue to win."