Rafael Nadal publishes statement about Rafa Nadal Academy and coronavirus

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Rafael Nadal publishes statement about Rafa Nadal Academy and coronavirus

Opened in May 2016, Rafa Nadal Academy has been passing the vision of one of the greatest players of all time onto the new generation of potential tennis stars, hosting them at the state of the art facility in his hometown of Manacor.

The Academy offers the best possible conditions for the upcoming youngster, giving them a chance to work on their game regularly and improve the various elements of their tennis together with highly-skilled and trained coaches.

Also, some high-quality established players train in Mallorca regularly, often with Nadal himself, including Casper Ruud and Jaume Munar. The recent setbacks with the coronavirus pandemic have forced the Academy to keep both the players and the staff as isolated as possible from the outside, closing most of the facilities and taking good care of all the people who are currently on the site of the Academy.

"I hope you are well in these difficult times. As you know, the circumstances at the Academy are very particular as throughout the year, young players of 42 different nationalities reside here. For various family and logistical reasons, many of them have stayed here and it is our duty and responsibility to look after them and that is what I have told their parents.

It the last few hours, we have been in contact with the Superior Sports Council and the Balearic Islands' Regional Ministry of Health to adopt suitable measures that are in line with the current law. The outcome of these conversations has allowed some coaching and support staff, as well as cleaning personnel, who have all volunteered, to confine themselves within the facilities to be able to look after these players who have to stay at the Academy during this time.

On Saturday, the Academy closed to the public, the adult residencies, the gym, the museum, the shop and the restaurant, such that the players and volunteer staff who are now confined to the premises are the only people on site.

Nobody from outside can enter, and thus, we are able to try and avoid any possible infection from the outside. I want to take this opportunity to put the parents' minds at rest and to tell you all that your children are very well looked after by a great team that is giving their all every single minute to take care of their health.

I know you want to be with your children and we hope that the moment will arrive soon. I would also like to encourage you to stay at home; these are challenging times but together, we will come through them."