Could the lost of a regular tour schedule hamper Rafael Nadal's winning formula?


Could the lost of a regular tour schedule hamper Rafael Nadal's winning formula?
Could the lost of a regular tour schedule hamper Rafael Nadal's winning formula?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has put a wrench in the scheduling of the professional tennis tour. Every player and member of the tennis community feels the unsteady changes in dates and places not falling in their advantage.

But when you're at the top of the heap, going with the flow may still not be easy to deal with. Rafael Nadal has his tennis academy also to think about and besides from keeping active with movements and practice for his own game participation, he assured parents of their children's safety at his academy.

"Hello all, I hope you are well in these complicated times..." He went on to say to families in an open letter. But the complication also lies in when Nadal will play his next tournament. He was prepared like the rest of his fellow players to start up an event the end of April.

The second Grand Slam, the French Open was always in the end of May now it will be 4 months later in September? The cancellation of Indian Wells, was the kickoff of unfortunate re-schedulings and juggling dates and places to happen.

Nadal was there at Indian Wells and after a few practice days left to go to his hometown of Mallorca. It was from that time on things turned into a blur as to what would come next. There was some sameness though after he'd win his Mexican Open title but lines got crossed, viruses spread and Nadal still trying to work out and keep fit.

The Spaniard is known to be greatest on clay courts but now part of the surfaced tournaments may just be a memory, with the re-scheduling, could he claim to be great on other surfaces? The French Open will be in the cooler weather and should this affect Nadal? Many would say 'no', but after all the changes and playing in different climates and surfaces would a fellow comrade turn out to be earning a title instead of the former 'King of Clay'? The comfort of routine has become unraveled now as Nadal tries desperately in keeping his head and focus on staying fit when others are trying the same.

Many are looking to fill the void of tennis by doing anything of satisfaction and of monetary worth. The physical aspect may well be there for the Spaniard, but will his mental stamina take a hit on the courts again whenever that time comes? It surely is a wait and see situation, that many players especially Nadal may be getting impatient to feel the results again.

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