Moya: "Rafael Nadal could have beaten Dominic Thiem at the Australian Open"

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Moya: "Rafael Nadal could have beaten Dominic Thiem at the Australian Open"

Rafael Nadal, World number two, offered his fans an update of his schedule, naturally conditioned by the suspension of the circuit caused by the Coronavirus. At this moment, Nadal himself is still not sure what he will play from June 8th, the day in which it is hoped that tennis will be played again.

The Spaniard highlights the fact that - for now - the tournaments in Canada (this year in Toronto) and Cincinnati are not included in his calendar. Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya has given his evaluation of the Spaniard's 2020 season so far with the tennis season is currently on a prolonged break.

"The start has not been bad," Moya told the ATP. "Rafa came into the ATP Cup a little tired but he was still in the final. He did notice some mental fatigue in Melbourne at the Australian Open. He went from less to more during the tournament and could have beaten Dominic Thiem in the quarterfinals, although he was more successful and inspired and was even close to winning the title.

Then we went to Acapulco and he played good tennis in conditions that are quite good for him. I was ready for Indian Wells, but it wasn't to be. Moya then went on to express his wish for everything to return to normal as soon as possible once the situation improves.

I came back from Acapulco and Rafa stayed there. It was a surprise that they canceled Indian Wells. It was kind of a warning of what was to come. From one day to the next, everything collapsed until reaching what it is now. I think it is normal, although few people expected it.

The right thing is being done. No one could have thought of the current situation in January. We had the fires in Australia and now this has overcome everything. I remember that on the way back from Melbourne, at the Dubai airport, all the workers were already wearing masks. Now the most important thing is that this is solved as soon as possible and that everything returns to normal."