Toni Nadal: I would be delighted if Rafael Nadal played in Mallorca

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Toni Nadal: I would be delighted if Rafael Nadal played in Mallorca

Toni Nadal, the Tournament Director of the ATP Grass Court Event in Mallorca which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, says that it would be a dream for him and the tournament if Rafael Nadal would play the tournament in the future.

Speaking to Marca, Toni Nadal says, "Obviously, as a director, of course I would be delighted if Rafa played in Mallorca. But the decision has to be made by Rafael and his availability to play here when you have Wimbledon later.

But as in sports everything changes so fast you never know." Toni Nadal says that while the cancellation of the tournament was expected, he does not mind holding the event in September or October because the weather conditions in Mallorca are suitable till then.

"It is a news that we already expected. Today, as the world is and especially Spain, everything other than the coronavirus has ceased to be relevant. It was news that was expected due to the difficulty of relocating Wimbledon.

We leave ourselves a margin if we can organize the tournament later. In Mallorca you can play in September, without problems, and in October too. Normally, the weather here is good until December. But for the organization to put the tournament somewhere else on the calendar, you have to wait for the opinion of the ATP, if it is canceled all year or not .

In fact, the weather in Mallorca is better in October than in Wimbledon in July. The problem is not the grass but that life has returned to normal. Speaking about the possibility of resuming the tennis circuit, Toni adds, "I have my doubts but there is one obvious thing, the agencies, the governments, will try to activate the economy again.

And activating the economy requires that each of us return to normal life. If you have to play tennis then you play, just like soccer ... The question is when will this be feasible. I think it is still missing because when we are told that we can leave the house, and there will be no vaccine, people will be afraid.

Finally, the former coach of Rafa also says that the older players, such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Nadal will be more affected by the break as their chances to win a major are diminished. "Those who are most affected are those who each year that passes is one more that they will notice.

I imagine that the cancellation of Wimbledon for Federer is a blow, but he also said that the important thing right now is health and not thinking about tennis or anything else."