Pau Gasol asks for solidarity after helping Rafael Nadal raise €11M for charity

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Pau Gasol asks for solidarity after helping Rafael Nadal raise €11M for charity

About a week after he joined Rafael Nadal’s noble quest of raising 11 million euros for 1,350,000 affected Spanish people through the Red Cross Responds project, NBA veteran Pau Gasol reflected on the humans’ loving nature and their powerful sense of unity, two characteristics that should save our world from the coronavirus pandemic.

“It all happened so fast: One day, we were going to our jobs, hanging out with friends and going to restaurants. The NBA playoffs were a month away. I was busy rehabbing an injury that has kept me out of competitive basketball for a little over a year,” said Gasol in The Players’ Tribune.

“Human beings desire connection and community. The people at their windows are a daily reminder of the human spirit’s hunger for solidarity and love, even in the most challenging times. As humans, we all fundamentally want the same things: safety, affection, health, freedom and a good life for our loved ones and future generations,” said Pau.

Spain is one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of infected Spaniards passing Italy’s count on Saturday. Gasol decided to help the highly affected Spanish society a week ago when he teamed up with Rafael Nadal and the Red Cross to raise 11 million euros throughout a campaign which has the objective to save 1,350,000 people.

“With sports suspended, I think that athletes are feeling more connected than ever to our communities, our fans and the world around us (...) Last week, Rafael Nadal and I teamed up with the Red Cross to launch a campaign we’re calling #NuestraMejorVictoria (“Our Best Victory”) — to encourage athletes to support the fight against COVID-19,” said Pau Gasol.

“I hope this is just the beginning. We need athletes around the world to unite efforts, to continue to use their platforms to share critical information about the pandemic and bring people together across cultures and borders. Let’s do it!” Gasol emphasized.