Rafael Nadal plays tennis at home with sister Maribel who wins a point

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Rafael Nadal plays tennis at home with sister Maribel who wins a point

Due to a coronavirus, the entire tennis season has been on thin ice, with the players heading towards their homes instead of battling in Indian Wells and Miami. The pandemic has halted the action at least until the second part of July, canceling the entire clay and grass season and leaving the players in the dark.

Rafael Nadal is spending time at home with his family, taking care of everyone at his Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca and hoping to hit the court again. World no. 2 is giving his best to keep the physical shape, working around his house and also trying to stay entertained with his loved ones.

On Saturday, Rafa and his sister Maribel made a net from two chairs in front of their house and started hitting some nice volleys, with Maribel winning a point against the 19-time Major champion to begin a proper celebration.

With no clay-swing around in April, may and June, this must be the strangest season in Nadal's career, forced to sit at home and wait for any positive news just like the rest of the Tour, with small chances to see any action any time soon as the virus rages on across Western Europe and the USA at the moment.

The organizers of the US Open are still doing everything according to the plan but with the current situation in New York, it would be a miracle to see a Major there at the end of August. The ATP is yet to announce what they are going to do with the ATP ranking points, putting them on hold in the second week of March and seeking the right solution that would keep the most of the players happy.

Also, they have to provide the financial model to help the lower-ranked players who are going to lose a lot in the next couple of months, unable to compete or do anything else during the isolation. Nadal has won one ATP title in Acapulco in the last competitive week on the Tour in February, standing on 85 ATP trophies so far and hoping to add more to his collection in the rest of the year.