Moya: 'Rafael Nadal has been trying to climb up the walls'

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Moya: 'Rafael Nadal has been trying to climb up the walls'

The Spanish government has decided that all elite and federated athletes will be able to return to training individually from next Monday. Moreover, with the possibility granted by the government, an interesting prospect for tennis opens up in Spain.

In fact, in recent days, there had been talk of setting up a Spanish National Tour to which National tennis players and the Academy of Rafael Nadal, which already hosts it, should participate of the students in lockdown, had offered to be one of the available locations.

With the on-site presence of the winner in charge of the last US Open, the negotiations could accelerate, and it cannot be excluded that other tournaments may also take place in the same one Academy. The Spaniard’s coach, Carlos Moya, indicated that Rafa currently lacks the motivation to train at full tilt since he does not know when he will compete again.

“He’s been trying to climb up the walls. It isn’t easy for someone that active. Although he hasn’t been able to play tennis, his physical trainer has been sending him routines. But it is hard mentally since you don’t know when you will play again,” Moya said in an interview with Jose Luis Clerc at ESPN.

“For example, you may be told that in September there is a tournament, so you know what to be prepared for. But right now we don’t know anything and that mentally is hard,” he added. “What motivation do you have to go to train and prepare yourself if you don’t know when you will be able to play? A tennis player is used to compete and do their best with a clear goal in mind. Hence, this is what makes it so hard,” Moya concluded.