Rafael Nadal: Humanity was not ready, and this is reality


Rafael Nadal: Humanity was not ready, and this is reality
Rafael Nadal: Humanity was not ready, and this is reality

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal says he is trying to remain positive and move forward during the current global crisis but he says that he does get very moved by the suffering of so many people around him. Speaking to the Spanish media outlet, El Pais, Nadal says, "I am a sentimental person, who is affected by things, and to see so many people suffering so much, so many people who have lost family members without being able to even say goodbye ...

In the end, being able to give your brother or sister a hug will relieve some pain, and imagine that they have not been able to do it ... You have to be positive and keep moving forward. There is no other choice. I am a super lucky guy.

Here we have not waged the same health campaign as in other communities and the feeling of security is greater." The Spaniard was recently criticized about his comments that tennis players should be allowed to resume training since it is part of their profession.

However, he maintained that he was only asking to be able to do his job, like many others who were allowed to go to offices for their work. "I understand that you can not train, but we are at a time when everything is very sensitive.

Any comment or message you can give is politicized, and those who feel attacked take it badly. I am one more citizen, who pays his taxes here, so I have as much right as anyone to comment. It seems that there is a moment when you cannot comment and everything becomes political, and what I simply said is that I believed that when people are going to work, to construction, to building ...

A mountaineer or a triathlete has the ability to go to train alone and I am not demanding anything, because tennis is not the first sport that must come back, since in the end we need to be at least two to play, but there are sports that are totally individual, like any other job.

Why can't an athlete go running alone? This is our job." The 12-time Roland Garros champion says the current pandemic has overwhelmed the entire world but adds that everyone must learn from these difficult times. When situations like this occur, then there is a lot of demagoguery and we become very hypocritical.

What has happened is that a virus has come and touched us all. Humanity was not ready, and this is reality. Of course there are areas that we must take care of more! For example, nature and the planet, without a doubt, but I do not think it is a common denominator or a cause-effect.

What has happened has happened and it has to be a lesson for us. I think we can learn from these difficult moments. I am usually wrong and I recognize my mistakes, and it humanizes us to recognize them. I am not being an opportunist, but simply the situation is beyond me too; I do not have the information and decide only on myself.

The situation has overwhelmed us all, and not only Spain. It is the same as if I lose a game and Federer and Djokovic also do it… I cannot excuse that they have also lost it. Everyone has done it wrong."

Rafael Nadal

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