Rafael Nadal: "We're losing a year of our lives!"

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Rafael Nadal: "We're losing a year of our lives!"

As the season took a drastic turn due to the coronavirus pandemic, Indian Wells was the first to go down. It was sad but players and the tennis community realized it was just one tournament, not thinking that so many more would follow.

Rafael Nadal talked of continuing his practice and staying mentally focused. But as one event after another was either cancelled or postponed, the Spaniard began to try reasoning things out to get him over the emotional hump.

"I would imagine tennis would be one of the last sports to get back to normality..." he'd say. This was due to tennis being an international sport where everyone comes from all parts of the world to play in tournaments together.

Players self-quarantined and stayed positive as they practiced and hit the gym to be prepared physically for whenever the tour would resume -- sooner than later. It was difficult to prepare their mind for what is taking place and when will things get started up again.

It seemed to be a fine time to try a hobby just to have something else to do. Tennis competition eventually seemed a bit further away then everyone expected. But when the French Open was postponed, Canada's Vasek Pospisil could only remark: "This is madness: major announcement by Roland Garros changing dates...one week after the U.S.

Open...we hae ZERO say in this sport..." he proclaimed frustrated and annoyed. The French had changed the dates without interaction from the players involved or the ATP. Wimbledon was cancelled until next year as the Rogers Cup went in that same direction.

"Sometimes life brings us down when we least expect it," Nadal had said as part of his latest video the Spaniard's academy had released. These are the times that are trying everyone's souls but Rafa's mind was being put through the ultimate test as every player and tennis member of the sport.

Two grand slams displaced in a once cohesive schedule. Rafael Nadal in motion during competition may appear to be a well oiled machine with successful matches and tournaments. He is used to preparation and then do what he does on the court.

"Right now I want to go training...I don't see a quick solution...I'm not in that mindset where I want to compete..." the Spaniard had said to the Marca media. The tours are postponed until mid July and players lowest on the ranking ladder are deciding to apply for non-tennis jobs.

There is plenty of talk on funding the less advantaged players but the system hasn't come to its fullest potential yet. Everyone is giving that last strand of hope not only for the season but for the pandemic to end, then things will be able to resume.

"I hope we can return before the end of the year..." Rafa solemnly had said to a Spanish media --the El Pais. But the multi-grand slam champion has became a bit more optimistic at times but then his mood drifts off to a harsher reality.

He's nearly called it quits with the tour resuming this year but lightheartedly looks forward to 2021. He wonders basically how many years does he have left to play his glorious tennis game and had commented sadly that "I'm more worried about the Australian Open...I hope we can start up again next year."