Toni Nadal: 'Everything possible will be done to compete Roland Garros 2020'

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Toni Nadal: 'Everything possible will be done to compete Roland Garros 2020'

The criticisms made by Rafael Nadal to the Spanish government for the political management of the Coronavirus emergency were not liked by everyone. In a recent interview with El Larguero, Toni Nadal defended the 19-time Grand Slam champion from criticism: "I cannot understand that a person who pays taxes here does not have the right to express an opinion, it seems logical that we all have that right, regardless of who you are.

I am also clear that things have been done wrong, such as that 8-M demonstration. I imagine that it was not done on purpose, but everyone makes mistakes. The least you can do is assume them and ask for forgiveness. It is curious that these people who call others facha, then end up agreeing with Bildu.

Those who were in collusion with ETA are not? That everyone opines what they want, but I think that it is normal for each citizen to have an opinion and, within the correction, agree or disagree, but always without disrespect or insult."

The French Open is set from September 20th to October 4th, but everything suggests that the start will be postponed by a week to avoid overlaps with the Tour de France. "It is not easy to know when tennis will return because it is a sport that requires many trips, but I do have the feeling that everything possible will be done to compete Roland Garros 2020 and that perhaps in September it is feasible.

In tennis tournaments you have to organize a lot of things. An event is not preparing in a couple of weeks, so I see it almost impossible that a calendar can be established this season. But the Roland Garros case is different because they possibly have the whole organization very advanced" - Toni explained.