Jean-Rene Lisnard: I love Rafael Nadal but he needs to be more optimistic

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Jean-Rene Lisnard: I love Rafael Nadal but he needs to be more optimistic

Former French tennis player Jean-Rene Lisnard says he loves world No. 2 Rafael Nadal but if there is a chance of still holding two Grand Slams this year then everything needs to be done in order to pull that off. Earlier this week, 19-time Grand Slam champion Nadal admitted he feels this season is lost and that he fears next year's Australian Open could be postponed or cancelled.

"I would like the famous players to say instead: 'We may be playing this year', while keeping optimistic assumptions," Lisnard told L'Equipe. "I love Nadal. But what he says there that doesn't speak to me much.

If there are two Grand Slams that want to be played, everything must be done to make that happen." The ATP initially suspended the Tour for six weeks on March 12 due to the coronavirus outbreak and now there won't be any tennis events taking place until at least mid-July.

"I hope we can return before the end of the year but unfortunately, I don’t think so,” Nadal told El Pais, per Sport 360. “I would sign up to being ready for 2021. I’m more worried about the Australian Open than what occurs at the end of this year.

I think 2020 is practically lost. I hope we can start up again next year, I really hope that’s the case. "My feeling and I say it sadly, I won’t lie to you, is that we’re losing a year of our lives. ‘And at 33, 34 years old, that is more valuable than at 20 when you have a lot more ahead”.